Audi’s contextual roadside out-of-home campaign

October 31, 2017

Audi has launched a data-driven digital out-of-home campaign that will serve contextually relevant messages to drivers at each location.

Using traffic data, the campaign targets sites where traffic is heavy, alerting drivers to “Pre-sense”, Audi’s in-built technology for predictive safety.

The campaign also utilizes weather data for each location, triggering ads for Audi’s all-wheel drive technology during adverse weather conditions.

Benjamin Braun, head of marketing at Audi UK, said “By using data to contextualise copy, we can reach drivers with targeted and tactical advertising messages that are relevant throughout the day, tapping into the driver’s mindset in the moment. That is powerful.”

VMO can create contextual data-driven campaigns just like this for your brand. Contact your VMO sales representative for more information.

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