Tatts Lotto Activation
Tatts Lotto Activation
Pedigree Virtual Cash Register
Pedigree Virtual Cash Register
AMF Kinetic Activation
AMF Kinetic Activation

Where blue-sky thinking and leading technology come together to create meaningful, targeted audience engagement. The VMO Lab brings brands to life.

It is experience and value that truly engages audiences emotionally and socially. Being able to do this digitally when a consumer is in purchase mode is incredibly powerful for brands. And this is just what the VMO Lab specialises in.

The VMO Lab offers expertise in audience engagement and digital technology solutions, clients can present their communication problem and we will work to find the best-fit solution to reach the target audience in demand.

Take a look at some ways we’ve delivered innovative digital experiences for clients;


Not only do we provide a media network and digital experiences, but we can also look after an entire experiential campaign. For your convenience we offer BA scouting and management services, arrange all activation approvals, arrange sampling opportunities and can arrange filming and branding of your campaign. We believe in making your campaign a seamless experience that brings the brand strategies to life.

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Technology and custom builds

We are technology lovers and leaders. We consider ourselves innovators because we take a technology or invention and turn it into something meaningful for clients to reach their audience in ways that haven’t been considered before.

Take a look at how we’ve used technology in disruptive ways to create more targeted, memorable experiences for brands.


We’ve invested in a market leading ad serving platform that delivers greater accountability, immediacy and live, dynamic content opportunities. Introducing Pulse – our world-class back end technology system. Pulse delivers contextual, highly targeted smarter campaigns with ease.

Take a look at case studies that use Pulse’s capabilities

Innovation Showcase

We love getting our hands on the latest and greatest technology, which is why each year we trawl the world for the very best in Digital Outdoor innovation and engagement solutions. Test it. Then bring it to you.

Currently in its second year, the Innovation Showcase is a mind-blowing interactive experience that is taken to key agencies around the country so that they can experience first-hand the power of new engagement technologies.

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