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Blue Ribbon partners with VMO to create ‘FreezeFIT’ workout

March 1, 2019

Blue Ribbon has joined forces with VMO to launch Blue Ribbon’s NEW 308-372 Calories Per Tub range.

Leveraging VMO’s health club media network ‘VMO Active’, Blue Ribbon have brought their newest reduced fat ice cream product to life to a nation of health-conscious gym-goers in a fun and innovative way.

In collaboration with Blue Ribbon, Mango Communications and Fitness First, VMO created a bespoke ‘FreezeFIT’ workout, guaranteed to burn off more calories than what’s in a whole tub of Blue Ribbon’s NEW 308-372 Calories Per Tub range. The exclusive one-hour classes ran in three flagship Fitness First locations and involved lots of high-energy aerobics and step moves from the 80s and 90s. Being a one-off event, the feature classes were fully-booked out with the workout attracting close to 100 participants. Following the workout, members received a free, full-sized tub of the new Blue Ribbon range to enjoy – fewer calories never tasted so good!

Stephanie Tannous, Blue Ribbon Brand Manager, said: “We’re really excited to introduce Aussies to a tasty alternative to traditional ice cream. And what better way to do it than after a fun, hardcore workout. You could say sweet dreams are made of this!”

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In addition to the ‘FreezeFIT’ activation, the Blue Ribbon campaign was amplified on a national scale via the VMO Active TV and digital panel network, ambient change room takeovers and a custom editorial sponsorship in Fitness First and Fernwood Magazines.

Paul Butler, Managing Director VMO commented: “We’re thrilled to have delivered a successful, cross-platform solution for Blue Ribbon. Australia is experiencing an ‘Active Nation’ movement with Aussies placing an increased focus on their health and wellness. The VMO Active network is a great fit for Blue Ribbon’s latest campaign and has provided them with a platform to engage an audience of over 1.1M fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts in a brand-safe environment.”

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