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New Zealand gets its first look at VMO Programmatic

May 2, 2017

In a global first, VMO has launched a Programmatic Outdoor product that allows advertisers to target specific demographics in real time across its outdoor networks. The product has launched today in New Zealand with leading global QSR, Subway®.

It’s all being made possible by VMO’s exclusive real-time audience measurement system; DART (Digital Outdoor Audiences in Real Time). DART is now so advanced that it can detect up to 18 different demographic profiles.

It’s DART’s ability to recognise when a majority of a target demographic is present that is redefining outdoor targeting.  It is this intelligence that allows VMO to target ads in real time to the right audience.

VMO Managing Director, Anthony Deeble; ‘using DART our exclusive audience measurement system enables us to ensure we are delivering the client’s creative dynamically at the right time to the right audience – a giant leap forward in effectively targeting audiences in out of home environments. The benefit to the advertiser is simple; less wastage.”

The first partner to trial Programmatic Outdoor in the New Zealand market is global fast-food group Subway®. Each time a majority of the target audience is detected across the VMO Work network, the Subway® creative is advertised.

Vanessa Williams – Client Service Director, Ikon Communications says; “for our latest Subway® campaign (BBQ Pulled Pork) we have looked at ways we can target some of our more challenging to reach audiences. The programmatic offering from VMO gives us the ability to minimise wastage and ensure we are delivering the right message at the right time to our audience. Our client is excited to be the first in NZ to test the product.”

To meet growing interest and demand in the product VMO have invested in the creation of a programmatic sales team. The technology and methodologies have been rigorously tested and importantly deployed to market. This team is headed by Mathew Bushby, Director, Digital and Innovation.

Paul Butler General Manager Sales and Marketing adds; “VMO’s programmatic approach provides a targeted campaign solution like no other in Out of Home. Our advanced technology and real time audience insights pave the way for an exciting future in Digital Out of Home. We’ve invested in the team and infrastructure to make this future a reality.”

Deeble adds; “the opportunity for advertisers is enormous. All of a sudden they can have multiple pieces of creative each designed for different demographics sitting in a cloud ready to be served when the majority of that audience is present – it’s changing the way out of home is able to engage, truly targeting the right audience with accuracy and relevance.”

The Subway® BBQ Pulled Pork campaign is live now. VMO Programmatic is available in Australia and New Zealand and is fully supported by a programmatic sales team.

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