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Val Morgan, Fandom and PHD deliver “you’re hotter when you’re chill” custom content campaign for Lynx Ice Chill

February 15, 2019


SYDNEY: To promote the launch of the new body spray Lynx Ice Chill, Val Morgan, Fandom, PHD and Unilever have joined forces to create an Australian-first, cinema and digital campaign. Reinforcing the campaign’s key message of “you’re hotter when you’re chill”, a series of six brand funded content videos will appear across Fandom and the Val Morgan cinema network from today.

Unilever’s objective was to connect Lynx Ice Chill to key pop culture moments by targeting male Generation Z’s through their passion points of Gaming and Pop Culture (TV & Movies). Dan Hill, CEO Val Morgan commented, “PHD & Lynx were able to utilise the large audience reach of Val Morgan and Fandom, whilst simultaneously engaging people who are passionate about movies, gaming and entertainment. The Lynx campaign is a great example of brand funded content, traditionally seen only online, now leveraging an offline audience via cinema”.

Kathryn Furnari, Group Business Director PHD said, “Val Morgan and Fandom have delivered a strong solution by creating custom content that can be broadcast at scale not only across the small screen but also the big screen, nationally.  PHD was thrilled to deliver Unilever with an Australian first to launch their new product “.

Bespoke localized content was created to reinforce Lynx Ice Chill’s key message of “you’re hotter when you’re chill” tying the story into this audience’s love of pop culture phenomena’s like Game of Thrones, Mario Bros and Fortnite. The first of the six videos will launch today, and others will run through the end of July 2019.

In addition to the video content, the campaign will be amplified via a movie marathon that will be held across HOYTS cinemas in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane showing the latest action hero blockbusters with some iconic films now part of mainstream pop culture.

Marc Holloway, Lynx Brand Lead ANZ added, “As we know, the Gen Z audience is hard to reach. Following the success of our Lynx Australia campaign, we partnered with Val Morgan and Fandom knowing they could help us reach our target audience in a relevant and engaging way through local creative that resonates. We are excited to see our content amplified across digital and cinema.”



Brand Lead: Marc Holloway



Group Business Director: Kathryn Furnari

Group Trading Director: Bill Luu

Investment Director: Jay Malig

Planning Director: Dixie Garcia

Digital Director: Laura Evans



Content Producer: Fin Carew

Strategy Manager: Sonya Tsui

Sales Director: Ryan Blick

Sales Executive: Michelle Smith



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