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VMO unveils premium large format screens at iconic Manly Wharf

June 27, 2017

VMO, Australia’s largest Digital Out-of-Home provider, has unveiled the latest premium installation at commuter hub and retail precinct; Manly Wharf.

VMO Managing Director Anthony Deeble comments; “we are thrilled to be exclusively launching into this busy Sydney commuter hub. We’ve unveiled six high impact digital screens strategically positioned in high traffic thoroughfares. This is a landmark commuter location for VMO. More importantly, Manly Wharf represents yet another pillar in our network of CBD locations that locals visit every day.”

The location is in one of Australia’s most-loved suburbs. The affluent location attracts a blend of city commuters catching the iconic ferry to and from Sydney’s CBD as well as day-trippers, foodies and entertainment seekers alike. Featuring 23 retailers and food destinations, Manly Wharf attracts over six million visitors annually.

This location features the Ultra format – VMO’s large format premium screen, featuring high definition 4K technology – the highest resolution currently available in Australia. The dynamic nature of the screen means the advertiser can use the full-sized 3 metre plus screen (8:3 aspect ratio) for their ad or a standard aspect ratio (16:9) with local content playing alongside it.

Deeble adds: “we’re proud to be adding our slice of innovation in what is sure to become one of the most technologically innovative commuter hubs in Australia. VMO’s innovative technology together with Manly Wharf’s free WiFi option is sure to provide a positive experience for the community. The bonus for advertisers is that they also get access to DART – VMO’s exclusive audience engagement technology.”

VMO’s VMO Shop portfolio now encompasses 61 premium large format screens. Exclusive Shop coverage includes Manly Wharf, Hunter Connection and Kings Cross all in Sydney’s CBD.

It’s all part of a rapid transformation project that has seen VMO’s presence swell to nearly 1,000 locations and nearly 10,000 digital screens in Petro, Retail and Health-club environments.

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