We’ve launched DART 2.0.

DART 2.0 gives brands the most intelligent out of home audience measurement system in market.

DART 2.0 anonymously tracks over 2 million Australians and measures those viewing content based on their age, gender, when they viewed and how many viewed providing more insights and analytics of real time audience viewing habits.

DART 2.0 reads audience characteristics with precision. Now identifying 18 demographic profiles (previously 8).

It even highlights facial features and can determine moods.

Yes, DART 2.0 now makes programmatic outdoor possible. Have your content triggered when the relevant target audience is mostly watching.

DART – Digital Outdoor Audience in Real Time

It’s VMO’s exclusive real time audience measurement system.

Why choose DART 2.0?

At VMO, we recognised that current Out of Home methodologies lacked the sophistication to capture audience engagements in Digital Outdoor. And so we developed DART as an advanced audience measurement tool to provide greater accountability for our partners.

We launched DART in November in 2014 and since its initial launch we’ve been learning and testing the software to further advance its capabilities. We’re now proud to offer clients;

• More possibilities via technological advancements.
• More insights and meaningful data
• Greater accountability.

How does it work?

DART is a shining example of (AI) Artificial intelligence. Through Audience Metrics Devices (Image scanners no bigger than a thumbnail) our screens anonymously track those viewing content.

These images are then processed using facial recognition software that analyses and assess those viewing by their age, gender, facial expression and level of engagement.

Reports are provided weekly. This gives our clients the ability to review their campaign performance and make meaningful marketing decisions with detailed audience data in hand.

Introducing VMO Programmatic

In a global first, VMO has launched a Programmatic Outdoor product; VMO Programmatic. VMO Programmatic is redefining outdoor. It allows advertisers to target specific demographics in real time across VMO Shop, VMO On-the-Go and VMO Work (coming soon to VMO Active).

The benefits for advertisers are enormous. Using real time audience insight advertisers can deliver highly personalised content in outdoor environments driving a new level of outdoor efficiency.


It’s all being made possible by VMO’s exclusive real-time audience measurement system; DART (Digital outdoor Audiences in Real Time). DART is now so advanced that it can detect up to 18 different demographic profiles.

It’s because of DART’s ability to recognise when a majority of a target demographic is viewing that is redefining outdoor targeting.  It is this intelligence that allows VMO to match multiple demographics and ads simultaneously.

What does that mean for our clients?
We are able to program a campaign so that the ads only run when a majority of the target audience are watching.

Your message delivered to the right audience, in the right place in real time.

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